Flambit grey barbecue fire starter 32 pieces

Flambit fire starter grey 32 pieces in cubes is a universal product for fireplaces, grills, cookers and bonfires. The fire starter is very easy to use. Just 2-3 cubes are enough to light a fire easily and quickly, even in unfavourable conditions. The Flambit fire starter is an ecological product made of top quality materials. While kindling, the fire starter does not emit harmful substances hazardous to our health and does not adversely affect the taste of cooked meals. However, make sure that the fire starter is fully burnt out and the fuel (coal) is covered with ash before preparing food. The product does not crumble or get dirty and is easy to store.
The fire starter contains 32 pieces in a cube.

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Kod EAN produktu: 5907798850556
Kod EAN kartonu: 5907798850556